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Auto Accessories

Unique Accessories, Storage and Gadgets for Your Car, Truck or Garage
Cup Holder Food/Phone Tray

2-Pc. Backseat Fishing Rod Holder

Windshield Umbrella Buddy

Auto Phone Holder

Set of 2 Anti-Fog Mitts

Extendable Rearview Mirror

Car Air Mattress with Pump

Set of 2 Car Mirror and Window Cleaners

Deluxe Quilted Car Seat Covers

Pet Seat Extender with Storage

Universal Grip Cup Holder Phone Mounts

Dash Camera

Motor Up™ Power Foam Car Detailing Kits

Set of 2 Front or Back PVC Car Mats

Pillow Max Armrest Pillow

Set of 8 Car Air Vent Hooks

Car Registration and Insurance Wallets

Lizard Flare™ Roadside Emergency Flare

Tire-Shaped Air Compressor

Quilted Pet Car Seat Covers

Gnome Back Seat Organizers

Waterproof Rooftop Cargo Carrier

4-Pc. Monogram Plaid Car Mat Sets

Heated 12V Travel Blankets

12V Portable Tire Inflator

Angel View™ Wide Rearview Mirror

Car Desk

Car Trunk/Bumper Mat

Collapsible Car/Camping Organizer

Digital Tread Depth Tire Pressure Gauge

Heavy-Duty Parking Curb

16-Oz. Heated Travel Mugs with USB Cable

Set of 2 Lanterns

Pocket Vac

2-Pc. Wireless Car Door Safety Warning Light

Kids' Backseat Car Organizers

Quick Car Dry


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Unique Car Storage and Accessories

Get your car organized with car accessories from Lakeside. Find some stylish accents for your rearview mirror, dashboard and steering wheel, unique car gadgets to make the daily commute more efficient, and car storage organizers for the trunk, front seat and passenger seats. Customize your car with the storage, style and functionality of our affordable auto accessories.