Snore, Sinus and Migraine Relief
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The Snore, Sinus and Migraine Relief offers simple, effective solutions to everyday problems. The Snoring Solution Chin Strap holds your lower jaw in a closed and forward position, preventing a clogged airway. Place it under your chin and secure the straps behind your head. Easily wear with your CPAP machine. Medium, 20" dia. x 4"H. Large, 21-1/2" dia. x 4"H. Polyester and fleece. The Migraine Relief Wrap (11"W x 3"L) cools your head with gel-filled beads that conform to your head shape. Refrigerate to reuse. Wrap the band around your head and lay down for best results. PVC and spandex. The Sinus Soother (9"W x 4"L) can be used hot or cold to help reduce swelling that causes a sinus headache. Fits comfortably over head or eyes. Polyester, cotton, gel and PVC. Imported.

  • Chin strap helps eliminate your snoring!
  • Helpful solutions for everyday issues
  • Details:
    • Snoring Solution Chin Strap
      • Medium, 20" dia. x 4"H
      • Large, 21-1/2" dia. x 4"H
    • Polyester and fleece
    • Migraine Relief Wrap, 11"W x 3"L
    • Gel, PVC and spandex
    • Sinus Soother, 9"W x 4"L
    • Polyester, cotton, gel and PVC

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