Origins Of Everyday Things Books
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From curious customs to accidental innovations, the Origins of Everyday Things Books reveal the unusual tales behind all kinds of rituals, expressions and things we use regularly. The Origins of Objects book is full of the stories behind objects, tools and appliances that we take for granted. 223 Pages. The Origins of Phrases book takes you on a journey through the curious and sometimes bizarre backstories of hundreds of expressions. 235 Pages. The Origins of Superstitions book delves into the stories behind traditions and superstitions that permeate our everyday lives. 255 Pages. Softcover. 8" x 4-1/2".

  • A fun gift for all ages
  • Impress your friends with your knowledge!
  • Details
    • Origins of Objects, 223 pages
    • Origins of Phrases, 235 pages
    • Origins of Superstitions, 255 pages
    • Softcover
    • 8" x 4-1/2"

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