Jumbo Spatula

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Whether you're making oversized snacks or extra-large servings, the Jumbo Spatula is just what you need. This super-sized spatula will do the job of transferring giant cookies from the baking sheet to the cooling rack or flipping a mega-pancake on the griddle. The 16" x 10-1/4" dia. spatula is also handy when grilling large portions and for a multitude of other kitchen duties. It has a solid wood handle. Dishwasher safe.

  • Don't be afraid to "go big" when you bake, cook or serve!
  • Ideal for oversized cookies, cakes and other snacks
  • It's also convenient for transferring large servings to the cooling rack
  • Details:
    • Stainless steel spatula with solid wood handle
    • 16" x 10-1/4" dia.
    • Dishwasher safe
Jumbo Spatula

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Jumbo Spatula