The Tomato Factory or Giant Tomato Tree
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Use The Tomato Factory Planter and the Giant Tomato Planter Starter Kit to grow red, ripe juicy tomatoes right in your own backyard. The Tomato Factory Planter heats the roots like a greenhouse, stimulating fast growth and early ripening. Simply fill it with soil and water, then insert seeds or plants, and watch them grow! It's also wonderful for peppers, eggplant and herbs. Folds for storage. 39" x 16-1/2" x 7". Plastic and vinyl. The Giant Tomato Planter Starter Kit includes a 3-pack of Italian Tree Tomatoes and a bonus 3-pack of Siletz tomatoes. It's a virtual tomato factory, with a new crop of farm fresh tomatoes each and every week. We ship you seeds at the proper planting time for your area, together with easy-care instructions. Each kit includes seeds, growing medium and pot (2-1/4" x 2"). Italian Tree Tomatoes are an amazing super-species tomato plant that looks like a fruit tree and produces bushels of tomato clusters from summer to fall. Each plant zooms to an amazing 12-18 feet tall in just 90 days to produce up to 60 lbs. of tomatoes, some as big as 6" dia.! Siletz tomatoes, North America's earliest giant-fruited tomatoes, grow in just 62 days and ripen to jumbo-sized fruits, as early as July 4th in some areas. Start planting indoors or out. Enjoy round, smooth deep-red fruits that are meaty and delicious; up to 1 lb. each.

  • Handy kits make it easy to grow your own tomatoes.
  • The Tomato Factory makes gardening easy...just fill, plant and grow!
  • Supersize your tomatoes with the Giant Tomato Planter Starter Kit.
  • Details:
    • The Tomato Factory Planter, 39" x 16-1/2" x 7"
    • Plastic and vinyl
    • Giant Tomato Planter Starter Kit includes a 3-pack of Giant Tree Tomatoes and a bonus 3-pack of Big Early Hybrid Tomatoes.
    • Includes seeds, growing medium, pot and easy-care instructions
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