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A New Look For The New Season:
Fall Trends For Your Home

Fall is just around the corner and many of us are busy redecorating in autumnal themes, preparing the house for the cooler temperatures, or updating any number of things around the home as we start to spend more time indoors. If you want to take the look of your home in a slightly different direction, but aren't quite sure what that direction is, here are few ideas trending big this fall.

Steamer Style

While cruise ships are still popular for vacations, the era of the average traveller loading up an entire wardrobe and a wealth of personal items for weeks and weeks at sea is pretty much over. But the look of luggage made for steamship travel has come back as a very popular fashion for everything from furniture to bedroom storage. Tables, cabinets and desks in this style often feature leather textures in rich browns and blacks with decorative straps, studs and locks. It's a sturdy and stylish look that especially suits the hardy spirit of fall.

Lodge-look Designs

You don't have to be a devoted outdoorsman to like the earth tones and wildlife imagery featured on items made with a lodge theme. This look is featured on floor coverings, wall hangings, outdoor decor, and even bathroom curtains and accessories. A timeless style for getaways in that cabin in the woods, lodge designs have become increasingly popular in homes far removed from the trees and critters. And it looks like lodge style is going to be bigger than ever in 2013.

Arctic Fur Throws or Sets of 2 Pillows

Thick And Textured

It makes sense that in the summer we enjoy wearing light and loose clothing, but prefer heavier material with varied textures when it gets a little chillier. But for some reason this switch now also seems to apply to our home decorating. Whether it's a plush, faux fur comforter or throw, or a set of ruffled pillows, the season now seems to demand a substantial feel. Some homeowners have even taken to swapping their lightweight chairs for ones with thick padding and featuring warm, rich colors.

Sets of 2 Insulated Sueded Curatins

Dark & Delightful

It's funny how as the days grow darker earlier, what appeals to us visually often darkens along with it. Rather than some deep, depressive quality, this trend really reflects our need for warmth and a bit of seclusion as summer fades into memory. Darker shades of window dressings make curling up with a good book somehow even more comforting. Dark brown or even black accent rugs or runners seem to ready us for the approaching winter, when Christmas decorating may demand yet another change of colors!

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It doesn't matter what time of year it is, The Lakeside Collection® has all the fine products you need to remake your home for any season. And you'll find them at prices that will always leave you feeling warm inside.