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Look to the Past for Great Family Recipes

From fusion to the rise of ramen, there is no shortage of current food trends to follow, and we're all for trying new things and fresh spins on old favorites. But there is a reason some recipes remain popular year after year, and indeed century after century. For those time-tested recipes that never fail to please, there are many cookbooks to choose from.

Old-fashioned foodies

With cooking shows all the rage and celebrity chefs conquering all media, it's worth remembering that there were inventive cooks and culinary specialists long before they made the pages of People. From 1893 to 1939, The Farmer's Wife magazine offered readers around the country all manner of delicious meal ideas, along with lifestyle articles for those living in rural areas. Though times have changed, the appeal of these recipes hasn't. Some of the publication's most popular recipes have been collected in several best-selling books.

Historical menus

In the mood for some Union Pudding? How about some South Carolina Johnny Cakes? Those are some of the recipes dating back to the Civil War that continue to please cooks and diners alike. Want to go back further? How about a colonial era menu? The Medieval Times restaurants have become more popular for their jousting shows than their food, but you can find plenty of volumes and online sources devoted to the mainstay meals of that period.

The home gardening habit

As consumers try to break away from questionable chemicals and preservatives, more people are returning to the practice of growing and preserving their own food. You can find a wide selection of exceptional books to show you how to "get back to the land," including detailed volumes on the best natural preservation practices. Others provide vintage recipes for homemade jellies, mustards, pickles and more.

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As you look to the past, we know you are also set on improving the present and future for you and your family. Shop The Lakeside Collection® for quality products at affordable prices, from home accessories to outdoor apparel. And don't forget to deck the halls this season with our value-priced holiday decorations.