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Christmas Decorations &
Facts From Around The World

Fun Christmas Facts From Around the World

Christmas is a global holiday celebrated by millions of people around the world. In the same way that Christmas traditions vary from family to family here in America, Christmas traditions vary from country to country around the world. Have you ever wondered how many countries celebrate Christmas, or how Christmas trees are decorated in other countries? Did you know Santa eats a lot more than milk and cookies on Christmas Eve? Get excited for Christmas with fun Christmas facts from around the world, and shop for Christmas decor with Lakeside's affordable Christmas trees, ornaments and gift wrap!

Christmas Decor

DID YOU KNOW over 160 countries across the globe celebrate Christmas? Given there are a little over 200 official countries in the world, that's a pretty huge majority. Although there are many different kinds of Christmas traditions around the world (many many of which might seem strange to Americans), there are also many similarities. In just about every country, it's common to decorate Christmas trees. It's also common to give gifts, for children to set out treats for Santa, and to brighten up cities, homes and lawns with cheery Christmas lights.

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Christmas Trees

DID YOU KNOW that each country has their own unique Christmas tree decorations? In Ukraine, holiday trees are often covered in faux spider webs. In certain countries in Africa where it's difficult to locate an evergreen, a variety of other trees like palm trees or mango trees are decorated. And in many countries like Australia that celebrate Christmas in the southern hemisphere, many natural elements like seashells are used to adorn Christmas trees.

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Christmas Gift Wrapping

DID YOU KNOW the tradition of wrapping Christmas gifts has early roots in Japan and Korea? Long before Europeans were concealing gifts in elaborate stationery and ribbons, Japanese and Korean gift-givers were decorating gifts for practical and aesthetic purposes. In Japan, furoshiki, or Japanese wrapping cloths were used to transport a variety of items and eventually to wrap gifts. In Korea, bojagi, also known as subo or chogak bo, were used to decorate gifts for a variety of special occasions.

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Indoor Christmas Decor

DID YOU KNOW that people have been meeting under mistletoe for over two thousand years? The ancient Romans viewed it as a symbol of peace and warring enemies would meet in the presence of mistletoe to negotiate. The ancient Druids believed mistletoe had healing powers and could ward off evil spirits. In ancient Greece, mistletoe was linked to fertility and was commonly present at weddings. It wasn't until the modern period that mistletoe became a popular Christmas decoration.

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Outdoor Christmas Decor

DID YOU KNOW that many of the best cities to see Christmas lights aren't in America? The U.S. is known for its competitive Christmas light tradition, especially in big cities like Chicago, Nashville and San Antonio (just a few places that go all-out every year). However, if you're a huge fan of Christmas lights, you might be interested to check out Paris, Singapore, Vienna and Melbourne. For example, Paris, known as the "City of Lights", lives up to its reputation every year, lining the streets of Champs Elyées with hundreds of thousands of lights and illuminating some of its most famous landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame.

Christmas Curb Appeal

Holiday Entertaining

DID YOU KNOW that milk and cookies aren't the only treats Santa eats on Christmas Eve? The tradition of leaving something for Santa is a very popular tradition around the world, and each country has a different take on what Santa needs to stay energized on his worldwide tour. In Denmark, it's traditional to put out rice pudding. In Ireland, a cold pint of Guinness isn't out of the ordinary. In Sweden, many kids offer up coffee to keep Santa awake. With over 4 million households in Sweden alone, it's no wonder that Santa has the energy to visit over 160 countries.

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