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Stocking Stuffer Ideas:
6 Steps to the Perfect Stocking

Samta's Secret Stocking Stuffer Formula

Stockings stuffers aren't just one of the oldest Christmas traditions, they're also many of our all-time favorites. Not only is there less pressure to find the perfect gift, there's also more of an opportunity to try out fun gift ideas, surprise family with little presents found during our holiday search, and stock them up with items they'll need for winter. There's no wrong way to fill stockings, but Santa Claus didn't become the stocking master without a secret formula for success. Get the step-by-step secret formula on stockings with our stocking stuffer ideas, and learn a few extra tips from Santa himself in our infographic.

Step 1: Something Sweet

Sweet treats are the perfect gift to feature at the top of your Christmas stockings. If you don't typically wrap the gifts you put in stockings, lining the top layer with sweets is a great way to disguise the stocking's deeper contents while giving the recipient something exciting to see first. Pretty much everyone loves getting sweets on Christmas morning that they can enjoy later in the day or throughout the holidays.

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Step 2: Something Snuggly

Never underestimate the power of practical gifts during Christmas. A warm and cozy pair of socks, stylish winter scarf, cute slippers, or new pajamas to lounge around in on Christmas morning will be appreciated long after the holidays are over. A winter hat or a new pair of gloves will keep them warm outside during the cold winter months. And for kids, something snuggly could also mean a cute little stuffed animal.

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Step 3: Something Silly

Everything underneath the stocking's second layer is usually hidden, especially if you went snuggly with the second layer for additional coverage. That makes the third layer great for the first big surprise in their stocking, and many times the best surprise is a humorous gift. Make them laugh with a funny novelty toy, a hilarious game the whole family can enjoy, or a lighthearted novelty mug for their morning coffee.

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Step 4: Something Smart

After making them smile with something funny, it's the perfect moment to surprise them with a gift that will help them learn something new, especially if they've been meaning to try it out or are entering a new phase of their life. Books are great for this layer, even if you have to situate them vertically in the stocking. Other smart gift ideas are tiny gadgets that help them solve everyday issues, like smartphone accessories.

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Step 5: Something Soothing

No matter how fun the holidays are, the decorating, planning or sheer anticipation can take its toll. Give them something soothing in their stocking to help them relax throughout the rest of the holiday season. Scented lotion sets, heated back wraps, candles, neck warmers and luxury bath soaps are just a few items that will help your loved ones relax, not to mention adult coloring books, drawing essentials or crafts.

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Step 6: Something Special

The very bottom of the stocking is the ideal place to put that special stocking stuffer. It's the highlight of the stocking and the gift that the rest of the stocking is building towards. If the first several layers did what you expected them to do, by the end of the stocking the recipient is already more than satisfied. Now is the perfect time to surprise them with something special or shiny, like personalized gifts or jewelry.

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