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5 Ideas On How To Choose Your Next Book

We've all been there: we finished a life-changing book that we can't believe is over and suddenly have to choose the next book to read and don't know where to start. Here are 5 ideas to help you select your next book.

Look For More From
A Favorite Author

For authors, writing books is like eating potato chips: they rarely stop at just one. If you enjoyed one book by a writer, chances are good you will like some of his or her other works. Your favorite author may have even written a series of books starring the characters you love. The works of popular authors often are sold in sets so you can quickly build an inexpensive library featuring your favorite writer. You can also check out what authors you like to read or a list of their favorites. The personal websites of many writers have recommendations and inspiration pages. Some authors maintain lists or offer suggestions on social media.

Ask Around

You ask your family and friends for suggestions on everything from restaurants to bathroom storage. Why not ask them what they are reading, too? If they do not have their noses in books right now, ask them what their favorites are and what books helped shape their lives. You may get some surprising—and inspiring—answers.

Go Online

Booklovers have taken to social media to share and discuss their favorite titles. GoodReads connects to your Facebook account so you can share your literary finds with all your friends. It also helps you keep lists of books you can read and want to read, and the site offers recommendations based on them. Adjust the sliders on WhichBook to reflect what you feel like reading—conventional or unusual, happy or sad—and it will give you a list of recommendations. What Should I Read has an easy-to-use search engine. Just type in the name of an author or title of a book you like, and the site will give you a list of other books you may enjoy.

Think About What You Want To Know

Have you ever heard about a person, place, or event and think to yourself, "That's interesting, I wish I knew more about that." The chances are good there is a book out there on that very topic. From the history of kids toys to primitive rainforest tribes, the non-fiction section is full of incredible facts on just about everything. Skim through the shelves in that section of the library or store, and take a look at books that grab your attention.

Join A Book Club

Every month, the members of a book club select a title for members to read. The group then comes together to discuss that book. Joining a book club will help you experience new books you might not have read otherwise. If you don't know where to start or can't find a local club to join, check out The site maintains a registry of traditional and online book clubs. It also has tools to help you start one of your own.

With millions of books out there to choose from, it can be hard to find one you want to spend time reading. A little exploration can turn up some literary gems.

Whether you need a new cookbook or are looking for the latest from a beloved author, The Lakeside Collection has the titles you want at incredible values. Load up your shelves, then curl up for a good read!