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Spring Cleaning:
Tips for Making Space for Spring

Spring is finally in full swing, and now is the time to make sure your wardrobe has room for new shades and styles! Here are some ideas on making your closet manageable.

Baby Steps

If it's still cold outside, take your time and start by getting rid of what no longer makes sense in your closet. Some people use the rule of getting rid of clothes if they haven't been worn for a certain period of time, but if you have time, it may be worth it to try on questionable clothes. If there's any doubt about whether or not to retire it, it should go in the hand-me-down pile. This logic will take any guilt out of giving away items. That theory can also be applied to any other part of your home: bathroom decor, kitchen storage, and basically anywhere clutter might accumulate.

Divide and Conquer

Now that you have more space, you can reorganize your wardrobe.

  • 1) Separate your fall/winter clothing from your spring/summer clothing.
  • 2) Start folding and stacking according to clothing types. Sweaters go on top of sweaters, long-sleeved shirts go on top of other long-sleeved shirts, and jeans go on top of other jeans. You get the picture.
  • 3) When you look at your closet, the easiest place for you to reach should be the place where you put your most worn/favorite clothing items. For instance, if you wear a lot of t-shirts in the summer and the easiest places for you to reach are the middle three shelves, your t-shirts should go there. Working your way out in tiers, rank your clothes based on how often you wear them and place them in your closet based on reachability. This will prevent messes and unnecessary unfolding in the future.
  • 4) Make sure all your hangers match. This will help your clothes hang uniformly and make taking items out and putting them back much easier.

Fighting for Floor Space

A change of seasons means a change of shoes. Once you clean out the kids' toys you'll see all of those shoes can take up more space than they are allotted on the closet floor. They have nowhere to go but up, but it doesn't have to be a mile-high pile. Shoe trees and different styles of shoe racks can maximize your space and minimize the clutter. If you have storage space in your home or under your bed, you can buy large plastic containers in which you can store your seasonal shoes when they're not in use and hide them away until the seasons change again.

Now that your closet is cleaned out and organized, all you have to worry about is maintenance. Repeat the process every six months and your head can stay as organized as your closet. For now, you have the spring green light to go shopping.

Whether you're planning your next outdoor adventure, looking for fall decorations or need bathroom storage ideas, we have what you need for just about any project. Shop The Lakeside Collection® for whatever is on your wish list.