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Thanksgiving Playtime:
Games To Keep Kids Entertained

If Christmas is the holiday where kids come first, Thanksgiving is one where they might get lost in a crowd of adults catching up in endless "grown-up talk." But while they may be stuck at the far end of the dining room at the kids' table, children can still have plenty of fun before and after the big meal. Here are a few time-tested kinds of games that kids can enjoy with each other, or with the whole family.

Games you can gather around

While video games can be fun to play with others, like TV they can also have an isolating effect. Instead, put out some games with moving pieces and a playing surface that everyone can circle for a more communal sense of competition. Whether it's foosball, air hockey, or a miniature marble bowling game, there's something about the playing configuration of these favorites that creates a more social atmosphere.

Games + Puzzles

Scavenger hunts, big or small

They may groan when initially proposed, but an old-fashioned scavenger hunt tends to bring out the competitive fun in everyone — especially if the prize is a good one. But if you don't want kids running wild through a crowded house, there are a variety of tabletop search-and-find games to choose from. And don't neglect books for kids in the Where's Waldo? vein, which have the added benefit of keeping rowdy wee ones quiet for a while.

Board Games

Classic board games

Another way to create a social circle of game playing is to bring out those old favorite board games, whether it's Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, or a more obscure choice the family has always enjoyed. These games are often the best selection when you want to make it an all-ages affair. They are still fun for kids, while Grandma and Grandpa don't have to worry about mastering new terminology or technology just to play along.

Family Games

Word has it...

...that word games also make a fine selection for holiday family gatherings. Scrabble is the obvious choice, but there are many others that put language skills to the test. And though not technically a game, kids of all ages will get big laughs out of a Mad Libs book, where their silly selections for the fill-in-the-blank scenarios can lead to riotous results.

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